The Samsung Galaxy S7 and its Edge variant were unleashed to the world sometime last year and fans instantly took a liking to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge’s battery capacities.

While the Galaxy S7 came with a 3,000mAh battery, the S7 Edge was fitted with a 3,600mAh unit. This may have been one of the main reasons why folks purchased these flagship duo as we can’t deny that long-lasting smartphones are a crucial need in our fast paced lives.

And that’s exactly why fast charging have been growing in popularity recently. We are often rushing from one place to another and we simply can’t afford to waste time waiting for our devices to recharge.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 duo satisfied this need as it came with the Quick Charge 2.0 feature. This may not be the latest in the fast-tech world but it is still efficient. By using the correct charger or external battery, these devices only need 15 minutes to reach complete charge!

However, it’s disappointing to see that many folks have been experiencing some troubles with their S7 Edge’s fast charging capabilities.

Although the feature is turned on in the device’s Settings, some users claim that their device struggles to charge at a fast pace – some have even bought a new charger but even that didn’t fix the issue.

If you have been facing this problem, it would be best if you try changing your charger cable, instead. This isn’t a guarantee fix but most times, it is the cable that’s problematic, not the charger.

Let us know if you have any other alternate fixes to this frustrating issue!

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