Introducing the Edge variants to the flagship lineup has been a welcome move from Samsung in 2015, so we should see similar variations to the Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup next year. Unlike the S6 portfolio, there should be a plus-sized non-Edge model simply called the Galaxy S7 Plus.

Despite being lauded as a magnificent flagship lineup for the 2016, the successors to the Galaxy S6 will have a thinner presence, at least in developing markets. That’s because sales of Samsung flagships have dipped, with the mid-range Galaxy A series becoming more popular.

As a result of this shift in popularity, Samsung has announced that it will ship 12 percent less smartphones in the coming year. Most of that 12 percent should be the Galaxy S7 and its variants.

The latest in the rumors regarding the Galaxy S7 that will be unveiled in March next year is the iris scanner being the method of quick identification and access instead of a fingerprint sensor. It would be nice to have both functionalities but we try to keep our expectations grounded.

The iris scanner would entail a $100 increase in price which would see the device go up to $700.

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