The difference between getting an iPhone and an Android device is that it is easier to be frustrated on Android because of the sheer amount of choices, which is both a good and bad thing.

For iPhone users they can’t really say that Apple sucks because other phones have gotten the iOS 9.3 update while they haven’t – iOS is the only benchmark that iOS measures itself against.

As for the iPhone’s closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy flagship, users have daydreamed that one day there will be a Google Play Edition (GPE) of the Samsung Galaxy S7, especially after being peeved one too many times by how slow the Android updates have been coming to them.

They see OEMs like LG, HTC, and even Honor sending out Android Marshmallow to their flagship users while their Galaxy S6 phones fall behind in software updating. One device in particular, the HTC One M8 that runs on the HTC Sense UI, can be converted to the pure Android UI because Google has sent out a specific OTA for the One M8 GPE.

Developers merely had to take that update and fit it into the Sense-equipped HTC model.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One M8 - Google Play Editions

Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One M8 – Google Play Editions

The question is whether the same can be done for TouchWiz on the Galaxy S7 devices. Once a custom GPE ROM is installed in the S7, users would be able to receive Android 7.0 N shortly after the Nexus devices, which is a dream come true for most Samsung users.

However, that would mean abandoning Samsung Pay, but we can’t have everything, right?
The last GPE for Samsung is found in the Galaxy S4, and unlike the One M8 it has only gone as far as Android 5.1 Lollipop.

At any rate, even if a stock Android S7 is not possible, Samsung could at least offer a GPE UI skin on the Google Play Store if not the real thing.

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