It may not look too exciting, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 that’s just been unveiled packs a lot of cool features that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have. But are they enough to justify a move from one to another, especially given that the only aesthetic changes are a bigger screen and a curved edge rear panel?

But if you’re one for substance over style, then there are a number of reasons to pre-order a Galaxy S7 and get a complementary Gear VR headset.

While it has only 12MP compared to 16MP on the S6, the S7 boasts some new goodies. A wide-aperture f/1.7 lens paired with a lower MP helps the device in low-light shooting, plus you can shoot in the rain due to the phone’s water-resistant IP68 build.

Then there is microSD support, which has been a big weakness in the Galaxy S6. It can take up to 200GB, and that is flanked by a Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM.

Fast-charging and wireless charging are functions carried over, as well as the QHD display, but the Always-On screen is a real treat, letting users check for notifications without unlocking.

While the S7 Edge going up to 5.5 inches is not everyone’s cup of tea, it boasts the 3,600mAh while the standard 5.1-inch S7 has 3,000mAh. That’s 40 percent more capacity, which is pretty awesome.

The Galaxy S6 may benefit new features from Marshmallow, but the Galaxy S7 pushes it even further by providing another row of icons that allows for quick access and customization of a bigger assortment of edge panels.

What’s great about Samsung this time is it doesn’t take anything away while adding new features. It was a long shot to hope for removable battery in the S7/Edge, but what is offered right now is more than enough reasons to shift from the Galaxy S6.

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i love this phone battery 🙂

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