Samsung Galaxy S8 arrived with the mighty Snapdragon 835 and the latest flagship duo was instantly making headlines everywhere. And now, it looks like the duo may be the best flagship device of 2017, so far.

Based on a poll conducted by GSM Arena, the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo garnered 41 percent of votes out of a total 17,130 respondents – making it the best of the lot, according to the public.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium came in second with a total vote of 37 percent followed by the LG G6 with 9 percent of votes.

Although the Galaxy S8 series came with only a single camera when many expected it to sport a dual camera setup, it appears that that isn’t such a big issue to fans as the Infinity Display is simply amazing and makes up for it.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium, on the other hand, is also an impressive device with its unique 4K HDR screen powered by the mighty Snapdragon 835 – unlike the LG G6.

Well, luck seems to be on Samsung’s side as folks doesn’t seem to be holding any grudge against the company following the whole Note 7 debacle. That said, do you agree that the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo is the best flagship pair so far?

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