As if every Samsung flagship smartphone, we never know if Samsung is going to release an Active version if the device. Although Samsung has been pretty consistent with the release of their Active smartphone, they never really confirmed them when they release the new device.

At this point, we are still waiting for Samsung to take the covers off the Samsung Galaxy S9 but newly leaked information suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Active will definitely follow after the Samsung Galaxy S9.

This was after a list of codenames was leaked online. “astarqite” which is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S9 Active might arrive a few months after the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is expected to be released this march. As with all the other Active version, we are expecting this to come with an extra durable casing and larger battery unit.

Another codename that got the attention of the fans was “crown” which many believe is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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