The Samsung Galaxy S9 alone is more than enough for many but if you are looking to further improve your Samsung Galaxy S9 experience, Samsung has a few new accessories for you.

With all the talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 possibly coming with a higher price tag, you definitely want to protect it and that is where the S-View Flip Cover comes in. The cover will allow users to see and interact with the display even without flipping the cover off. Users can make calls, set alarms, view events and more. It also has a built-in kickstand so you can position the device horizontally to watch videos. The cover will come in three color options Black, Blue, and Violet. This is only one of the many cover options Samsung is offering.

Then there is the DeX Pad which will allow users to connect their Samsung Galaxy S9 to the monitor. On top of that, the Galaxy S9 will now act as a trackpad and keyboard so you don’t have to carry around those extra accessories. The DeX Pad will come with a few extra ports too.

Samsung will also release a fast wireless charging stand. All these will only be released when the new Samsung Galaxy S9 arrives.

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