Apple certainly got the upper hand this year when they release the new iPhone with Face ID. Although rumors are suggesting that Samsung is also working on something similar to get even with Apple, new reports are suggesting that Samsung might have more than just a Face ID tech under the sleeves.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will also be arriving next year but people are already starting to speculate on what it could offer. According to Droidholic, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus might come with an impressive camera unit.

The is said that we might be seeing a f/1.4 lens in the back which would make the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus the smartphone with the largest aperture in the smartphone world. As of now, the largest we have seen is the f/1.6 aperture camera that the LG V30 and Huawei Mate 10 has been sporting.

It is said that we might see the new S9 and S9 Plus as early as January next year at CES.

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