Last year, the Samsung brand was repeatedly under fire – quite literally, most times. The company’s executives were dragged to court and even ended up being jailed but that wasn’t what damaged the company’s image in the eyes of most buyers.

It was the Galaxy Note 7 that tarnished its image and resulted in Samsung making headlines everywhere, and not in a good way. Due to design compromises, the device was prone to explosions which left a few owners hurt while others were scarred for life.

So, it was natural that many had expected Samsung to make it up with its latest flagship duo. Even so, some had the impression that the device wouldn’t fare so well after the Note 7 debacle.

However, it looks like the device is heading for a good start as the pre-orders in its home country, South Korea, has hit the one million mark, according to The Investor.

Judging from this figure, it sure seems like Samsung may be able to hit its 60 million units target with its Galaxy S8 device. Plus, analysts forecast that 50 million of that figure will be purchased in 2017 alone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will available for sale, in both South Korea and the US, on April 21 and that’s just a couple of days away. Are you jumping on board the Galaxy S8 train as well?

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