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Sea Of Thieves Joins Halloween Fun


It feels like the only way to show that the game has really done it is if it has themes and events based on what is happening in the real world. As developers start to announce the Halloween theme event for the games, Sea Of Thieves will not want to feel left out as well.

The developer announces the latest Fort of the Damned update which is a Halloween themed event that will add some spooky content to the game. This will be an expansion for Skeleton Fort and it will be adding a new fort to the game for players to take on.

To play this, you will need to undertake Voyages and acquire Ritual Skulls and claim the Flames of Fate before you can take on this latest challenge. The update will bring in the new Shadow Skeletons.

Besides that, the update will also add new shirts, skirts, dresses, and undergarments for the pirates along with some new Dyes. While the update will be permanent, the Halloween-themed goodies will only be here for a limited time.

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