The Skeleton Thrones has now ended and fans can look forward to the next Bilge Rat Adventure: Gunpowder Skeletons and that means a new event, new updates, and new fixes. Here is what you can expect to find.

The new event will unlock the new gunpowder keg charging skeletons. The skeletons will rush at you with their explosive barrels in an attempt to take you down with them. The keg also has a stronger explosive force now. Players will also be given Fuses to give them a five-second head start before it explodes.

Until the 10th of July, players will get a new legendary commendation which can be completed for Bilge Rat doubloons which they can use to get items like Bone Crusher Sword, Pistol, Eye of Reach and more.

The new update will also come with a few bugs. Megalodons will not collide with islands when following ships and being poisoned by a snake will not show the VFX a second time.

Of course, with Skeleton Thrones now over, those cosmetics and rewards won’t be available anymore but items earned during the event will remain.

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