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Shenmue 4 Could Be Happening?


Despite all the hype for Shenmue 3, the game would not be considered as a huge success but the director of the game seems to believe that he would be able to make the next game more mainstream to appeal to the general audience.

Fans were left wondering if they will ever see another game from the franchise after the average reception of the third game. Well, for now, there has not been any announcement yet but Director Yu Suzuki did say that the game will need to be designed with mainstream success in mind.

He explained that Shenmue 3 was made for the fans but Shenmue 4 will have to go wider than that. Some of the things that he would like to see if there is a new game will include the quest markers, fast travel, time-skip option, improved user interface, and more.

A fourth game was hinted in Shenmue 3 but most people just assume that it is something that the developer kept in there to keep the option available just in case they want to come back to it in the future.

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