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Shovel Knight Final Two Expansions Gets Release Date


The release of Shovel Knight on to the new consoles has been a huge hit as fans can still expect to receive one final update for the game.

The developer has announced the date when the new expansions will be offered to those that own the Treasure Trove edition of the game. Both Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight: Showdown will both be released on the 10th of December as part of the Treasure Trove collection.

In the first expansion, players will be playing as the titular king while Showdown will be a competitive take on the Shovel Knight formula with a story mode and AI bots.

King of Cards will be offered on 3DS and PS Vita as well while Shovel Knight Showdown will not. Yacht Club Games, the developer behind Shovel Knight is also working on a new retro-style ninja action game although no release date has been offered yet.

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