As far as Google is concerned with its Nexus smartphone lineup, the manufacturing job usually goes out to other OEMs.

Ever since the Nexus was introduced in 2010, a number of names such as LG, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, and HTC have been given the hardware assembly responsibility for Nexus handsets and tablets.

But the only brand that hasn’t been given the reins in this department is Sony, whose devices are comparatively reliable especially to the Chinese brands. A poll by Phone Arena found that the majority of respondents favor Sony for the 2016 Nexus flagships, taking over from Huawei.

To win nearly 25 percent of votes among eighteen listed brands is quite something. The Sony lineup is reliable on the hardware department especially with the waterproof build and capacitive buttons. The range-topping Sony Xperia Z5 and its Premium variant have side power button fingerprint sensor and 4K display respectively. And imagine the possible battery life on the next Nexus flagship!

But not far behind is Samsung, who has done the job four years ago with a Nexus handset. The astounding camera and crystal clear Super AMOLED Quad HD display on the Samsung Galaxy S6 have obviously won users over as well. With 12 percent of votes in third is Google itself, who could probably do a good job with reliability and providing faster Android updates with the Nexus hardware in its control.

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