Some people don’t like the original Spiderman trilogy, some did. There are those who believe that Tobey Maguire made a better Spiderman, and there are those who prefer Andrew Garfield.

What everyone mostly agree on, however, is the casting for J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker’s vociferous boss.

J.K. Simmons, the actor responsible for the role that has spawned an Internet meme today has been chosen to take on a DC comic character in the upcoming Justice League film.

And it’s quite a big role as he’s been casted as Commissioner James Gordon who serves as the chief of police for the crime-ridden Gotham.

Simmons had won an Academy Award for Whiplash last year, so there is no doubting the choice for such an iconic comic book character. Recent renditions of Commissioner Gordon have been decent, with Gary Oldman playing that part in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Ben McKenzie filling those shoes for the Gotham TV series.

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