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Splatoon 2: New Update Will Tackle Multiplayer Problem


The updates for Splatoon 2 have slowed down which is why the will one will be very much welcome by the fans since it will address some of the major issues that the game has.

The game will be getting its third patch of the year this week and while it does not change much of the game, the update will fix some of the issue and glitches that the game has with the first one being the one where when the Dualie-type weapons equipped, they could travel farther in the air when dodge rolling.

The other fix will focus on the issue where some players would land in different locations if they activated the Booyah Bomb and ended the effect soon after.

It is nice to know that although the game might not get more updates, the developer is still listening to the problems that some of their players are experienced and are working to get those fixed.

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