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Standard Porsche Macan Won’t Get Kicked Out Yet…


Porsche will be releasing the next Porsche Macan which will be an electric powertrain model but just because the EV is coming does not mean the standard model will be gone.

According to the report, the standard gasoline Porsche Macan will still be sold along with the EV model from now until 2024 or maybe later. What will happen after that will have to depend on how well the EV model is doing once that arrives.

It made sense that they would not want to make too big of a change now since the Macan is one of the best selling models. We might also see the gasoline model get some other upgrades in the near future including a powertrain upgrade.

As for the next-gen Porsche Macan, we still do not have any idea how it will look like now but it should be more of a small jump from the current design knowing how Porsche like the current design.

Author:Michelle Kade

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