While most people were happy with how Star Wars Battlefront 2 turned out, there were still a few issues that the developer had to iron out before we can call it perfect.

Fans were clearly unhappy when it was revealed that the game was going to come with microtransaction. That was removed from the game before it was launch but fans were also unhappy about the progression system of the game.

With the release of the new update, we get to see how the developers plan to improve the progression system of the game. First of all, the game will have all heroes and hero ships unlocked for all players now. Crates will only hold credits and cosmetic items now, nothing that would affect the gameplay.

Of course, stuff that you have gotten from the crates in the past will still be there. The other good news is that microtransactions will not be coming with this update but we do know that it will come back eventually but when it does return, players can only purchase cosmetic skins from it so that should not affect the gameplay anymore.

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