As part of the new Star Wars Battlefront II game this time, players will earn credits for each of the matches you play and players can use that credit to redeem some of the iconic characters from the Star Wars universe like Luke and Chewie but if you think you can just spend about 10 hours and get yourself the character, you are going to be disappointed.

Some fans when on Reddit to talk about the time needed to unlock some of the more popular characters. After taking into consideration the average time for a match and the credits given, they calculated that you will need to get 40 hours of play before you get to unlock characters like Luke.

Of course, Chewie will cost less but players wills till need to put a lot of time to get it. EA later added that they will be adding more features when the game is release so players can get more credits. They also added that they will be adjusting the game based on what they see so that fans won’t be discouraged.

At this moment, the game has not been released yet but fans can play about 10 hours of the game thanks to EA Access.

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