It isn’t too surprising that actor John Boyega is a fan of video games. He’s been stealing the spotlight with his charm after breaking through to the big stage through his character Finn (FN-2187) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Well it seems that the 23 year-old from South London is a fan of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront and like many players, he’s not quite satisfied with the lack of content beyond multiplayer.

He took to Twitter to ask EA if fans get a proper story mode that’s offline, saying that it’s “more of an enjoyable way to learn controls”. Apparently the Missions mode suggested by EA also wasn’t quite satisfactory to the actor as there lacks a narrative to engage with.

Looks like Boyega will have to get used to being schooled by others for a while before he gets a hang of the controls. Perhaps he could dig back to older Star Wars titles like Knights of the Old Republic for an engaging narrative.

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