One of the things that make the cars from Tesla special is Ludicrous Mode. This clever system enables the EVs from Tesla to tap on the full power of electricity and burst into speed.

The likes of the Model S and Model X have demonstrated the sheer power of Ludicrous Mode but the feature is apparently not available on the Model 3. The latter is the newest model in Tesla’s line-up but it does not feature Ludicrous Mode.

The absence got many speculating that Tesla is saving Ludicrous Mode for a performance version of the Model 3. Well, the speculations are spot on as Elon Musk has stepped up on Twitter to confirm about it.

As how you can see above, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla has got their hands full at the moment with the release of the Model 3. For those that are wanting more power with the car, they are asked to wait until the middle of next year. Are you excited?

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