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Subaru Foresters Recalled Over Airbag Issue


Subaru will be issuing a recall to bring back their Subaru Forester after it was discovered that the front passenger airbag might not always go off during a crash putting the front passenger in more danger in an event of an accident.

According to the report, the Occupant Detection System on the Subaru Forester might not be able to detect that a person is sitting in the seat due to loose connection and therefore, it won’t deploy the airbag when an accident happen. The issue here is the electrical connections under the seat which could loosen over time.

Subaru added that only model that are fitted with heated front seats will be affected by the issue. Those recalled will be the 2015 to 2018 model. It is estimated that about 366,282 units of Foresters will be affected by the recall.

Those affected will get their sensor mat harness replace if necessary for free.

Author:Michelle Kade

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