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Subaru Going Electric In 10 Years


Subaru is all for going electric in the near future as the automaker reveals their plan for the future. According to Subaru, all their vehicles will come in with an electric option or be gone from their lineup by 2030.

With emission regulations now stricter than ever, automakers are considering the options they have and the changes they need to make to make sure their vehicle meets the regulations.

For Subaru, it will be the hybrid tech from Toyota that they want to focus on. Subaru also hinted that while they want to focus on reducing the emission, the performance and safety fo their AWD is also important suggesting that AWD will continue to be a huge part of their future which is a relief as that is one of their biggest appeals.

On top of that, they plan to stop offering gasoline powere cars in 15 years’ time.

Author:Michelle Kade

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