Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was just launched this year and it appears to be an instant hit as the game has reached almost 150 million downloads on Android and iOS platforms.

This proves that the game is, indeed, successful but it looks like Super Mario Run can’t keep up with Fire Emblem. Although the game has hit a lot of downloads, folks aren’t willing to pay to unlock the further levels and this has drastically affected its revenue.

Meanwhile, the second mobile game by Nintendo, Fire Emblem, is reported to have a bigger revenue despite the fact that the number of downloads are significantly less than Super Mario Run.

That said, this isn’t all too surprising as these games stand for two separate business models. While Super Mario Run gives players the opportunity to access all content when they complete the payment, Fire Emblem: Heroes comes with in-app purchases.

Nintendo isn’t done as there are reports that the company is preparing to launch one more game by the end of this year. This new game is said to have been put on hold for them to focus on the launch of Super Mario Run.

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