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Super Monkey Ball Is Just The Start


The Wii title Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD was brought to the modern consoles and while it is only that one game right now, we might be able to see more in the future.

According to the director and producer Masao Shirosaki, he is hoping that the game will do well enough to ensure a future for the series. He added that the Monkey Balls series is very important IP to the studio and that he is aware that the first two games are the most popular and that if there is enough support for the Banana Blitz HD, they will be ready to offer the first two games and maybe even a new title to the game.

Of course, they will be working on bringing the game to Steam first before working on a new game. On whether we will see any SYakuza crossover since he works on both games, he said that he would not mind seeing Kiryu and Majima as guest characters in the game.

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