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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Who’s Getting Nerf?


The new Update 7.0 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now here. Some of the major updates will include the arrival of Byleth for the players with the Fighter Pass but that is not all as the other characters will also be getting some update.

Characters like Samus and Dark Samus will be getting a buff this time while others will now be getting a larger shield. Young Link, Zelda, and Shie. On top of that, Joker has also been nerfed as Arsene can now be summoned for less time if you receive damage in battles with two or fewer opponents.

The developer has released the full list of changes that they will be making to all the characters in the game so players can check those out. Do also take note that the Switch Online subscribers can now grab the freebie pack.

There is also a second Fighter Pass that will be available for $30 which will give players six more new characters but we do not know what yet.

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