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TennoCon 2020 New Date Announced


TennoCon, the event where the developer Digital Extremes shows off new updates for their games Warframe was turned into a digital event not too long ago and now it looks like it will also be getting a new date.

With the pandemic, the developer announced that the event will go digital but it was also announced this week that the event will no longer be happening on the 11th of July. Instead the event will now be on the 1st of August.

While they did not specify the reason for the delay, they did say that the extra time would allow them to deliver a better TennoCon to their fans which is always a good thing.

Many events organizers are choosing to push back their events first for the pandemic but now for the protest happening in the USA and worldwide. Sony also pushed back the revealed of their new PS5 console which has now bee announced and revealed.

Author:Michelle Kade

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