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Tesla Cybertruck Size Will Remain The Same


The Tesla Cybertruck design is certainly unlike anything we have seen on the road and since its reveal, there have been a lot of speculation on what will actually make it to the final production model.

Previously, it was suggested that the production version will be smaller than the concept that we saw but this week on Jay Leno’s Garage, Elon Musk seems to suggest that the vehicle will be keeping its massive size.

For now, nothing has been confirm yet but we do know that the prototype was measured to be event longer than the largest Ford F-150 you can get right now With such a huge body, the vehicle will most likely be getting a huge battery pack as well.

There is still a lot that is still a mystery about the Tesla Cybertruck so hopefully Tesla will offer up some information soon. What do you think of the Tesla Cybertruck so far?

Author:Michelle Kade

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