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Tesla Infotainment System To Be Even More Exciting?


The current Tesla Infotainment system already has a lot to offer compared to what the other automakers are offering but Tesla is not looking to settle anytime soon as Elon Musk suggests that there will be more to come.

According to Musk, their goal is to have the infotainment system offer more fun in the car. He did not elaborate on what else we could be expecting from them but knowing Tesla, it is probably going to be some ridiculous but also exciting.

Right now, the infotainment system already has sketch pad, gaming mode, the option to drive on Mars and even a romance mode. Them pushing the boundaries of the infotainment system has prompted the other automakers to also up their game when it comes to their infotainment system as we are seeing more and more features being offered.

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Author:Michelle Kade

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