Consumer Reports has just given their reliability rating for the new Tesla Model 3 and while they did not say that it was bad, the rating that they gave the Model 3 wasn’t what Tesla was expecting either.

According to the reports, the Average rating that CR gave the Tesla Model 3 did not sit well with Tesla. It is believed that CR gave the Model 3 its rating based on the Model S since the Model 3 uses a lot of parts from the Model S and although the Model S was initially given a better than average reliability rating, CR later changed it.

Tesla believes that they did that after the consumers questioned their ratings and that the drop in rating affected the Model 3 ratings. CR has since responded to Tesla criticism and it is clear that they are sticking to their average rating this time.

Since the Model 3 is still new, the CR rating should only be treated as a guide for now as they are only making a prediction. If the Tesla Model 3 prove to be above average in terms of reliability, we should see a better rating coming from CR in the future.

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