Tesla is positive that its analytic tools are advanced enough to reveal every nitty-gritty detail that it needs to know. And so, it has decided to skip the “beta” phase of the Model 3’s development cycle.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, revealed via a conference call to investors last week that the company doesn’t need to come up with pre-production models.

Musk added that early release Model 3s built on the company’s production assembly line should be seeing the light of day by this week or next.

Tesla had halted production over at its Fremont, California assembly factory sometime last month in preparation for the Model 3. It’s evident that the automaker is in a tight timeline in regards to the Model 3’s launch.

Tesla’s decision to skip this “beta” step just goes to show how desperate the company is to meet the production target date. Plus, this means they would be able to save some big bucks, too.

Musk claims that buyers can expect the Model 3 to be much more flawless compared to the Model S and X – all thanks to its enhanced computerized scrutiny.

Well, anything to push the Model 3 out faster right? Let’s just hope Tesla’s desperation to meet the deadline won’t compromise on the quality of its latest model.

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