In a bid to secure an advanced engineering group to speed up the development and production of the Model 3, Tesla reeled in Grohman Engineering’s help to develop the Tesla Advanced Automation Germany.

However, a report from Germany’s Welt Am Sonntag states that there could be an impending worker strike slated to begin as early as this week.

According to the report, the strike is due to the fact that 660 Tesla Grohman employees are paid about 30 percent lower than the union rate. On top of that, Tesla’s act of canceling all non-Tesla order at Grohman has fueled up fears over job security.

Tesla has offered to increase worker’s pay by about 150 euros per month but the union is demanding for it to be nearer to 400 euros per month.

Currently, IG Metall is representing the union and its representative, Patrick Georg said that, “We received an unsatisfactory response from the company. We’re going to check next week whether strikes are possible.”

Well, a strike is possibly the last thing Elon Musk wants right now. It doesn’t even matter if the strike merely last for a few days – at this point, time is of essence and any shift in plans could drastically delay the July start-of-production for the Model 3.

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