Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to clear up some misconceptions of its upcoming Model 3. Replying to several questions on that social media platform, the CEO clarified that the model will not be sporting AWD dual motors to reduce “configuration complexity.”

This means the Model 3 will be just like the Model S in the sense that it will initially be available in rear-wheel drive setup only. On top of that, the Performance Model 3 will not go into production for at least another six to nine months.

Many Model 3 fans were, understandably, stunned over Musk’s tweets but a survey through the numerous threads on Reddit revealed that most of the fans felt that this move made sense.

Since the Model 3 allows Tesla to venture into a new market at a much lower price point, the automaker wants to focus on that particular market first. The Model S and Model X are already there for those who want to purchase a high-end performance model.

To kick it off with an RWD Model 3 may lead to more folks converting to Model S and Model X sales – this will help Tesla bring down their large pre-order backlog at a faster rate.

This also makes sense from the production perspective as there’s no doubt that it less complicated to begin production with single motor vehicles.

Some feel that the unlike the Model X, the Model 3 will probably be much more incremental. Since there is a huge demand for a basic car, the automaker may attempt to meet that demand first and then work from there on to make it better every couple of months in a bid to increase demand as it ramps up production.

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