Tesla has killed the Model X 60D even before it made it into production, a situation similar to other Tesla base models. The model was announced sometime in July and was expected to go for $74,000 as a starting price.

The vehicle, coming with 200 miles EPA, received a price cut following the federal tax credit costs and an added DST which made its price $67,700. And with an addition of $9,500, buyers will get the chance to upgrade to a 75kWh.

Of recent, Tesla has been changing some of the Model X’s features such as making the Smart Air Suspension a standard which added $2,500 to its price. All alterations totaled at $11,500 which increased the base price of the vehicle to $85,500.

That’s not all that surprising but seeing that the Model 3 has a starting price of $35,00, now that’s quite alarming. It’s highly likely that it would be terminated faster than expected to make way for higher priced choices.

The Model X had a price hike that was more than 15 percent and if the Model 3 follows in this same pattern, we can expect to see a $40,500 price tag!

Have you been considering the Model 3? Well, we suggest that you get one as soon as possible as its current $35,00 price tag won’t be around for long.

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