By now, you would have heard of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s debunking rumors spree over on Twitter. Musk clarified in a series of tweets that the Model 3 will not be the next-gen version to the Model S.

The CEO stated that the speedometer will not be placed in the usual spot behind the steering wheel. He also said that the Model 3 would be an exclusively rear-wheel drive model.

While replying to fans, Musk went deeper by stating that there won’t be a head-up display (HUD) showing speed. These new info left some Model 3 fans disappointed.

Many took to forum threads to vent their frustration and some disclosed that they felt that Tesla may be heading down the wrong road.

Fans aren’t exactly worried about how the car will show them how fast they’re going; they’re worried that the interface will be too messy as it will need to display map, audio controls, autopilot awareness, blind spot detection, turn signal alerts as well as speed information.

To include all these will result in an overly cluttered interface or terrible UI which is, definitely, a recipe for disaster when driving.

However, some fans feel that the clutters could be avoided by putting everything into tabs. This means they won’t have to be shown all the time – even speed an critical map info can be in either permanent widgets or as overlays that pop up only when required.

Meanwhile, blind spot detection and turn signal alerts could both be shown on the rear-view mirrors. That said, it’s important that all these info that drivers need are easily accessible to them so that they could get their eyes back on the road quick.

Well, do you think Tesla’s Model 3 is a disaster in the making or could it be the next crucial step into the future?

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