The Tesla Model 3 production might not be going the way Tesla wants it to go but the vehicle is still breaking some impressive records.

It was just announced by EPA, that the $44,000 Tesla Model 3 will have a maximum of 310miles to offer. Based on that, the Tesla Model 3 is now the most efficient vehicle on the road with a rating of 131MPGe in the city and 120MPGe on the highway.

With that kind of numbers, it is estimated that after five years of driving the Tesla Model 3, the owners should be able to save up to $4500. That is if they get their Tesla Model 3. Right now, Tesla is only producing three Model 3 per day which is a lot slower than predicted. Tesla says that they will be producing about 5000 units per week starting March next year so we will have to wait and see.

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kent beuchert · December 5, 2017 at 11:14 am

Obviously this article was written by someone who exaggerates and misleads. The Chevy Bolt obtains 128 MPGe City, which is essentially the same as that given the Model 3, and well within the error of measurement. The Bolt may, in fact have a larger MPGe than the Model 3, but, regardless, the differences are totally insignificant. Claiming a $4500 saving over gas cars is also misleading – EV currently do not pay road taxes, which constitute a significant portion of gas expenditures and will have to be matched by EV owners everywhere, and currently is already being levied against highly subsidized EV owners in several states. It is also impossible to calculate the savings, since the electricity prices vary enormously throughout this country (some electric prices are three times higher than others), and gasoline prices also show variance, making claims like $4500 totally stupid and inaccurate. And electric prices for those who can’t recharge at home will be higher than residential prices. If you live inthe wrong place and have topay EV road taxes and recharge at public chargers
and have high local electric pribes, an EV can have fuel costs greater than an equivalent gas powered car. And EVs cost a lot more than a gas powered car to begin with.

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