Tesla will be slashing the price of their more expensive Tesla Model 3 models like the Performance and the Dual Motor version.

According to Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 Performance will now come with a $64,000. That is a $14,000 price cut since the vehicle was originally being sold for $78,000. While it might be cheaper now, it will not be coming with all the features that tech that Tesla had offered originally.

The vehicle will be offered the Performance Upgrades package now which will help increase the top speed to 155miles and will come with a few additional features like the special 20inch wheels and tires, aluminum alloy pedals and carbon fiber spoiler.

The Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor will now cost $52,000 which is $1000 cheaper than before. Tesla is also opening up orders to all reservation holders soon but with all the issues they have been having with the production, we do not know if opening up the orders right now is the right move.

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