All the attention is on the newly released Tesla Model 3 at the moment and CEO Elon Musk cannot be anymore happier about it. To further keep the hype alive, Elon has made more reveals on the Model 3 and one of them is about the car’s reliability.

Elon Musk said earlier today that the electric motors powering the Model 3 are basically bullet proof. The lad added that Model 3 buyers won’t have to worry about being unable to move because the car can travel a million miles before the motors require servicing.

Prior to this, it is the cars from Toyota that has gained a lot of respect for having the ability to run a million miles without breaking. However, Toyota’s cars still require servicing on a timely basis, something which the Model 3 is not bothered by.

But make no mistake about it, the Model 3 is still required to address the ‘consumables’ on a timely basis. The tires and brakes in particular require more scheduled services. It will be interesting to see how Toyota responds to this.

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