It’s becoming apparent that folks are looking at Tesla as more of a tech company rather than an automotive company. However, it doesn’t really matter what the public think as Tesla’s CEO has made his stand clear.

Elon Musk took to Twitter to shut down rumors that the company’s upcoming Model 3 will be a step above the Model S.

Tesla will be working on reaping the benefits of its existing and past technical successes in order to produce the Model 3 affordably.

Some fans voiced out their opinion over in Reddit threads where they poked fun at those who held the impression that the Model 3 would be something that surpasses the Model S.

They stressed that it didn’t make sense that people would expect the $35K model to be bigger and have as much power as the $68K model.

This is especially since Tesla and all its people had already said that it was going to be a cheaper and smaller model. There hasn’t been a person from the corporation who has implied that it was going to be better than the previous model.

Well, were you one of those who were expecting the Model 3 to surpass the Model S?

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