Ever since the Model 3 was announced in March last year, Tesla has been standing firm in its aim for it to be the first affordable long-range electric vehicle. And now, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed his plans for the Model 3 to be the first mass-market autonomous driving vehicle, as revealed by Electrek.

According to the report, all versions of the Model 3 will be fitted with the company’s complete autonomous driving suite of sensors as well as the hardware.

However, this does not indicate that every Model 3 will be self-driving. Without unlocked assist or autonomous features option payments, the models have the capability to function at Tesla’s “then-current level of assistance or autonomy, but cannot access them,” as described by Digital Trends.

A survey through the various threads over on Reddit reveal that many folks aren’t buying Musk’s words. This is because they doubt that the Model 3 could be the first mass-market EV as there have already been several affordable mass-market EVs.

Many folks believe that the Chevy Bolt and the Nissan Leaf have already beaten Tesla to it. The Leaf is said to have sold over 100k Stateside and 200k globally.

That’s not all – it was the Nissan Leaf that was first sold nationwide prior to even the Model S and the Bolt. That said, the latter still has a couple of months to go before it is launched nationwide.

Well, it does seem like Elon Musk’s aims for its upcoming Model 3 is a bit far-fetched; do you have any reason to believe that Musk may make good on his statements?

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