Tesla is determined to keep its production costs low and so it has decided to omit a futuristic dashboard and even an advanced HUD in its upcoming Model 3.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, took to Twitter to disclose that the Model 3 will be featuring a 15-inch tablet located in the center console of the vehicle. This caused quit an uproar over in the Twitter universe as many had expected the model to arrive with some traditional instrument cluster or at least a heads-up-display.

When questioned by fans, Musk argued that these were unnecessary features for a car than can drive itself. The Model 3 currently has about 380,000 to 400,000 reservations on the books and since Musk dropped the news, many had assumed that these folks would be cancelling their reservation.

However, it looks like this is pretty far from the truth. Reddit threads reveal that there are many Model 3 reservation holders who actually like the display and won’t be cancelling their reservation.

These folks state that this kind of display gives them the illusion that the screen is floating and added that it would be cool if the display could be adjusted – giving an almost spaceship vibe.

Some disclosed that they do not love the center dash but it will not be a deal breaker for them. The design of the dashboard may be less impressive than the exterior but some feel that folks would change their mind when they actually get into a Model 3 as they will be fascinated with what’s on the screen rather than how it is attached to the car.

If you are a Model 3 reservation holder, drop us a comment on your thoughts on the center dash of the vehicle.

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