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Tesla Model S Long Range Plus Announced!


The Tesla Model S will be going a little further now as Tesla now announces the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus model which now has more miles to offer.

With the new update, the Long Range model will be offering 402miles now which is 11miles more than before. This update was already hinted when Musk suggested that the EPA rating should have been at 400 miles and not the 390 miles that EPA suggested.

The extra miles was accomplished by reducing the weight of the vehicle firstly by standardizing the in-house seat manufacturing. The mechanical pump will also be replaced with an electric oil pump.

Although it will be offering more range now, the selling price of the Tesla Model S Long Range will still be the same with is at $74,990 before incentives. The vehicle will also keep the same 0-60miles time.

Author:Michelle Kade

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