A recent report coming straight out of China reveals that an owner of a Tesla Model X in that country is currently seeking an 8 million yuan, about $1 million, compensation following a fiery crash that resulted in the falcon doors refusing to open.

Lee Tada, the owner, was sitting in the second row with her boyfriend while the car was being driven by their driver. The owner claims that the car crashed into a concrete siderail while travelling at about 46mph before spinning 180 degrees and colliding with a Ford Focus.

Lee stated that the falcon doors couldn’t work after that and they were forced to exit via the front door when they heard what sounded like batteries exploding, according to a report by Electrek.

As bad as it looks, Tesla China isn’t buying it and said that, “First of all, the lives of the owner and passengers were not threatened. We are working closely with the department concerned.”

“The distribution of the debris at the site and the damage all indicate that this was a high-speed crash – in this case, not just electric cars, but any vehicle can catch on fire. In fact, another car involved in the accident (a fuel-powered vehicle) also caught on fire. Fuel tank fire incidents happen much more often than the electric car fires,” added the company.

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