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Tesla Model Y Design Failed To Impress?


Tesla might have had a few hits when it comes to the design of their vehicles but could the Tesla Model Y be a miss? Well, Bob Lutz seems to think so.

The former GM chairman spoke to Autoline Network and in his interview, he said that the Tesla Model Y is “terminally ugly” and that he do not know how will buy it. He also added that the vehicle is either a sport utility or sedan and that it will have a hard time competiting with the Model 3.

Of course, that is not the only opinion he has of Tesla as he continued to say that he does not think that the automaker would be working on a sports car anytime soon or the Semi.

We will have to wait and see of the Tesla Model Y does as good as the Tesla Model 3 but what do you think of the design of the Tesla Model Y?

Author:Michelle Kade

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