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Tesla Model Y: Sandy Munro Gives It A Thumbs Up!


Sandy Munro, the professional car dismantler and manufacturing consultant was far from impressed with the Tesla Model 3 when he tested it out back in 2018 but it looks like he might have a different opinion on the Tesla Model Y.

Munro was given a sneak preview of the upcoming Tesla Model Y and he told Bloomberg that the vehicle “will sell” adding that Tesla buyers will “overlook everything” while other buyers “won’t see” what they see.

Of course, this does not mean the Modle Y is perfect as he did find a few faults like the inconsistencies in the gaps on the front hood and hatch and dirt in the paint but he seems to be impressed with the flat floor of the cargo area and Tesla’s powertrain and electronics.

He added that the Tesla Model Y is “much better” compared to Model 3. Production of the Model Y has already started but things are being put on hold on due to the pandemic.

Author:Michelle Kade

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