After successfully launching the Model 3, Tesla has moved ahead with other EV projects in their plans. Nothing has been revealed as of yet but various leaks and rumors are all suggesting it to be an EV pickup truck.

If so, then we can’t help it but to not expect much from the EV pickup truck. Seeing that the Model 3 is more expansive than expected, the Tesla pickup truck may just create a new record in pickup trucks’ pricing.

Tesla can easily take the cheap route with the pickup truck like how they did with the Model 3 but even that will give the utility vehicle a senseless pricing structure. The Model 3 is a really basic EV and it costs around $35,000 without any add-ons. Pickup trucks are commonly purchased with add-on hence a bare-bone model won’t do any good.

At this rate, the pickup truck may retail well above the $40,000 mark for a stripped-out model and this is expected to get received poorly by the market. But of course, the verdict will have to wait until Tesla unveils their pickup truck in the future to come.

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