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Tesla Traffic Light Feature Explained


Previously, it was leaked that Tesla might be ready to give its customers the highly anticipated Tesla Stopping at Traffic Lights feature and now new information has come out to explain what the system does and how it works.

The name alone should have made it clear on what the feature will have to offer. The vehicle will automatically stop at traffic lights at interaction as the software will be made to recognize stoplights and stop signs.

Now, a hacker has revealed that the manual for Model 3 and Model Y does explain what the system does. According to the manual, the software is currently learning how to deal with infrastructure at intersections. It will be activated when Autosteer and Traffic-Aware cruise control ins turn n and it will use the front camera and GPS to take note of stop sign and lights.

A note will appear on the screen and the car will slowly stop. The car will stop at all lights meaning it will still stop if the lights are green so the driver will still need to pay attention.

No word on when we will see the update arrive.

Author:Michelle Kade

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