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The Last Of Us Part 2: What Was Cut? [Spoilers]


The newly released The Last of Us Part 2 has fans divided on whether it is actually a good game or not and while the game already have a lot of on the plate, there were even more that ended up on the floor and the writers have now talked about some of the scenes and ideas that did not make the cut.

Game’s director Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross, the narrative lead of the game talked to IndieWire about the plot and characters of the game including some extra details.

The events in the game happened across three consecutive days but the original plan was to have it cover five days. They explained that there was supposed to be a part where Ellie went to Seraphite Island and how that journey would push Ellie to her limit. Their plot for Joel’s death was supposed to be a little different as well. While some ended with him still dying but also crying out to his long-dead daughter Sarah, another plot would have given him a girlfriend.

We are still pretty shaken up about how the story progresses in the second game but there is no denying that the game is a beautifully made game.

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