After the huge success of the current Legend Of Zelda game, we would be surprised if they actually decided not to do another game.

According to Game Informer, the next Legend of Zelda game is actually already in the works. There is not a whole lot of information about the new Legend of Zelda game right now so we can only speculate.

The fans are hoping that it is going to be another open-world game like the Breath of the Wild. Others are hoping that the new game will finally make Zelda a playable character but we don’t dare get our hopes too high for that.

Now that the secret is out, fans will most likely start digging around to see if they can find any other information but that is the most we can expect for these few years as we will most likely only see the game in a few years time. They did say that they want to release Zelda games faster but we don’t think it is going to be before 2019.

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