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The Outer Worlds Out To Get Fallout Fans Attention


Fallout has been a long-standing series with a huge following but the last few decisions that the developer had made did not really sit too well with the fans. Will a new game like The Outer Worlds deliver on what Fallout could not?

Developed by the people behind Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds is said to be a Fallout-like RPG game that has so far been described as the best version of a Fallout game.

With an interesting story and choices that will change the way the game ends, some players might find themselves going back, again and again, to see what the other outcomes will be like.

For those that have already tried out the game, they said that it will take them about 30 hours to complete the game and that includes the main story and the sidequest which means the game is not really that long but you can always go back for more.

The Outer Worlds will be arriving on the 25th of October on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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